London27 - 29 SEP 2024
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Official Show Sponsor - Gartec

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Gartec - Inspired design for forever homes

Gartec Lifts

Innovative design, sustainability and a futureproof investment are the hallmarks of a great home project. For 30 years Gartec has been opening up these possibilities for its customers through its award-winning, unobtrusive and elegant home lifts that have turned their properties into true ‘forever’ homes.

Gartec offers a wide variety of lift options that can be tailored to the design of your home, combining style and functionality. Its friendly team is on hand from enquiry to aftercare to discuss your specific requirements and work with you to find the perfect lift customised to your property - whether your home or renovation has tight spaces, traditional features or a contemporary look and feel.

The sleek Scandi design of the Aritco Homelift, complete with smart technology and energy-efficient features, makes it one of Gartec’s bestselling home lifts. It takes up a minima amount of space in your home, roughly the size of a small wardrobe, and is a must-have addition when you are looking to create a high quality, luxury feel to your home.

Visit the Gartec stand at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show where the team can help you visualise how one of its lifts can enhance and complement your home. Discover the many possibilities for customisation, including a ‘DesignWall’ – a backlit wall with selected artwork from prominent Scandinavian designers – or state-of-the-art lighting which you can control via the SmartLift app.

To ensure safety and reliability, Gartec’s home lifts all come with a five-year warranty and a 10-year warranty on the drive technology.

“The appeal of home lifts is that they bring a luxurious experience to your home, offering convenience for day-to-day living now but removing any access barriers for the future,” - Matthew Akerman, Gartec Home Sales Director

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