The 2017 London Seminars

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The Self-Build Theatre is sponsored by  final new sbz logo large

The Home Improvement Theatre is sponsored by CT1 - The Snag List Eliminator

The Masterclass Theatre is sponsored by nethouseprices_web_icon

The Trick of the Trade Theatre is sponsored by DIY Doctor

DIY Doctor is a home-improvement advice website run by ex-tradesmen. They are recognised by the BBC as 'Industry Experts' with regular TV and radio appearances.

The DIY Doctor team present demonstrations, such as: how to skim plaster; how to hang doors, how to sharpen chisels and our new presentation, an introduction to self-build presents answers to millions of DIY questions on its 50,000 pages and huge YouTube channel. They help thousands of people through tricky builds offering free contracts, free contract advice, and the ability to price your own project in order to check quotes. They also offer construction consultancy and project management services while selling tradesmen's tools and products at DIY prices.

The founder, Mike Edwards, is a published author with two best-selling DIY books to his credit, one now in its 4th edition.